So What Do Canadians Watch on TV?

According to Numeris , a company that tracks consumer behaviour of Radio and Television viewing, Canadians love American shows

The top 5 watched TV shows in English Canada for the last week of April were:

The Big Bang Theory , Survivor, Designated Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds.

The next five are Blue Bloods, NCIS-Los Angles, Hawaii Five 0, CTV Evening News , Chicago Fire.

In other words , only one show produced in Canada made it in the TOP Ten .

Where is the billion dollar supported CBC you ask?

It only gets one show in the top thirty —Hockey Night in Canada at 19th.

CBC News? Not in the top thirty.

So all that anti American sentiment one hears surely does not translate into Canaidaians TV viewing habits. And CTV News tops CBC News regularly.

More on Numeris

Operating since 1944, Numeris provides broadcast measurement and consumer behaviour data, as well as industry-leading intelligence, to a membership and licensee base that includes Canadian broadcasters, advertisers and agencies, as well as other broadcast-related organizations.

Using sophisticated data tracking and measurement technologies and services, we gather relevant information on audience behaviours during and after broadcasts, giving our members business-critical insights into the impact of broadcast content and consumer behaviour.

By providing important audience and consumer behaviour information and intelligence, we enable our members to deliver relevant, high-quality programming that meets the needs and wants of Canadians.


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