National Energy Board To Go ? A Bad Joke !

The Thicket of More Bureaucracy –Get Rid Of National Energy Board and Replace with ———?????

You Won’t believe this ?

Our Princeling and his Government want to get rid of National Energy Board . That’s the Board set up under legislation to review and approve national energy projects .

The Princeling asked for reports to be done by the Natural Resources Department and the Environment Department . Those reports to review present processes and recommend what they think should be done different.

Well, Those reports are now in. Oh, Boy! And Do we have a problem!

What a heap of _________ bureaucracy ———!

The Natural Resources Report came out in the last day or so.

The Environmental Department Report came some time ago.

The first question is how are the results of the two reports to be be co-ordinated .

Second , the words environmental assessment have to be changed to ‘impact assessment.’ Make no mistake, this is earth shattering —–environmental assessment is no longer relevant. Get that!

Third , the Natural Resources Report recommends two Agencies , The Canadian Energy Transmission Agency , and another to be called the Canadian Energy Information Agency .

Fourth, the process time for examine a project is to be three years not eighteen months.

Fifth , the process should start with a full blown energy policy and then when projects are proposed they are put through a process of one year to see if the project meets the elements in the policy. This is done by the Cabinet. If it does then it goes to the Transmission Agency and Environment Agency for two more years.

Now this government has talked about being Competitive ? All kinds of nice words in the recent budget about it.

But if the Government follows through on the recommendations of these reports , forget about being more competitive . This new process will kill that completely.

Remember , the LNG processes have led to missing out to other countries like Australia and the USA. They got on with it , we got mired in process .

Welcome to even more of this if these reports become law.

Oh, and in true fashion , the Minister of Natural Resources says it will review the reports , allow more public input beyond what the two reports already received , and decide in the fall .

Lots of time , you understand.

Meanwhile, the National Energy Board that really should be replaced according to these reports , will go ahead and adjudicate the projects already proposed.

A bad joke , all round.


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