Loose With The Facts , Our PM; Our Own Trump !

Here is what our dear Princeling said in the House of Commons concerning our vaunted infrastructure program :

‘We’re going to continue to invest historic amounts in infrastructure that are going to help families get to and from work in a reasonable amount of time; back in time for their kids’ soccer games. We’re going to make the kind of investments that make a difference for small businesses being able to get their goods to market.”

Good stuff, right?


It so happens that only 10.6% of the $100 Billion of new infrastructure spending will go to trade and transportation . The rest of the money goes to all manner of stuff , a lot of green and things ( culture, parks, recreation,etc) , good in its own right, but hardly getting people to and from work as the PM so proudly proclaimed in the Parliament .

They talk of the syntactically challenged President to our south , and he is that and much more, but right here in our own land north of 49 we have the twisting and turnings of a leader who plays with the facts , too.

Thanks to Charles Lammaam and Hugh MacIntyre of the Fraser Institute for pointing this out . It won’t make the press here the way Trump’s indiscretions do to our south and are carried here but it is nice to know that we do have a few people who don’t mind exposing our PM to the norms of some semblance of truth.

Of course, this is not an isolated incident in the ethics of our Princeling —from false promises of balanced budgets to lauding the Chinese system , there is in this a uniquely Canadian version of playing with the truth.

You can read Lammam and MacIntyre’s full article at Fraser Institute website, all for free.


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