New Canadaian Conservative Leader –Andrew Scheer

In a suspenseful vote over the weekend the Conservative Party of Canada elected Andrew Scheer of Saskatchewan as their new leader edging out Maixim Bernier for the top job. It was close . Scheer won with 50.95% of the vote.

And the Conservatives went for the safe candidate. Sheer is less classically conservative than Bernier, and hence likely more attractive to the Canadian voter , who remains clearly situated in the political middle. Some even call it the Canadian way. For example , it is suggested by some commentators that if Bernier had not opposed the supply side management system we now have in agriculture , he might have won . Ironically , with the NAFTA renegotiation about to start with the Americans this item may be one of the first items upon which Canada will have to compromise. Yes politics is strange. Or the art of the possible.

Additionally, Scheer is young, better still, looks young , has a young family, and therefore, is on that same image turf as our Junior Princeling. Don’t think he is into selfes as much, however. He knows his way around Parliament having been the youngest Speaker , and now the first former speaker to head a Federal Party. And he is likeable, a trait many Canadians have often thought was not particularly a characteristic of a Conservative leader. Oh, and very necessary —he is fluently bilingual—English and French that is.

Scheer tends to be socially conservative , a position that may not enhance his electability , especially on the abortion issue . Some necessary fudging here is inevitable , I suggest.

I would have preferred a more classically conservative candidate but that is dreaming in the Canadian context, unfortunately . But , Scheer is somewhat to the right of the Priceling on the carbon tax and immigration so I guess half a loaf is better than none.


2 thoughts on “New Canadaian Conservative Leader –Andrew Scheer

  1. I agree with your observations, the left leaning media immediately started in on the abortion issue and gay marriage…two issues that are really dead issues, but seems that every election they are brought into the forefront. I am on the side of Scheer being better than Bernier, but likely not the wisest choice . I stood with Otoole all the way through. Once again, Conservatives are in a precarious position and the MSM is already fighting back ! I shudder to think of the next year and half waiting for next election…and listening to all the ” manure”. I think we’ve taken a step backward !


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