I Had A Bad Day –Merkel Made It So

I had A Bad Day

Well , it was Memorial Day Eve in the US and I watched and heard the Memorial Day Concert carried by PBS.

It was something else to listen to the music and hear the stories of war heroes—yes the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam Nam , Iraq and Afghanistan . The raids over Japan —-Normandy etc.

The millions of Americans that made the ultimate sacrifice in Europe.

Then I read a story in the UK Telegraph newspaper about Pouting Merkel , the Chancellor of Germany, expressing the idea that she guesses Europe is now really on its own after a meeting with President Trump and the fact the people of the UK wanted to remain independent –i.e. Brexit.

You don’t say?

Tut, tut Madame Merkel ——because Trump wants all of the 27 NATO members , not just four , to pay their 2% of GDP for defence ( US spends 3.61%, Germany spends 1.19%) as they had all agreed to do , because he has legitimate concerns about the Paris Environmental Agreement ( you know many will not keep their promises) American is no longer reliable????

Are you serious ? Or have you had it too good for too long. Half in Russia’s pocket half not –that natural gas you know. Half in Turkey’s pocket, half not. The refugees you know.

You have a short memory . No , not World War Two, but much later the US coming to the rescue in Serbia when Europe failed to act decisively . Remember?

And what about if Russia attacked you tomorrow. Who , pray tell, would have to come to the rescue? You did nothing in Ukraine ! Serbia and little almost everywhere else.

So , if two very democratic countries , the UK and the US , disagree with you legitimately on an issue , is not that allowed in your world—-but doing deals with two questionable democracies is somehow ok ?

Obama was alright because he towed your line and did nothing —and got a Nobel Prize for it.

Bear me the hypocrisy !


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