Likely Minority NDP Government in BC –No Coalition –Agreement Announced

The leaders of ther BC NDP and the Green Party of BC have announced an agreement for co-operation in the legislature. The Agreemnet has been ratified by the Green Caucus and will be put before the NDP Caucus tomorrow. NDP john Horgan expects the Agreement to be unanimously approved by his caucus.

This Agreenement according to the leaders is a four year agreement whereby the Greens agree to support the supply and budget motions of the NDP –that is the confidence motions , ensuring therefore that the NDP will not be defeated in the House on the matters which could have seen dissolution.

There may be issues and motions/bills on which the Greens will disagree and vote against the NDP but they will not be confidence motions bringing down the Government and causing an election.

The Agreement will be released tomorrow after an expected unanimous support of the NDP Caucus.

The details will be interesting as it relates to a number of big issues.

First, how is electoral reform i.e. Proportional representation to be handled. The Greens want to proceed on this by Legislative action without a referendum and the NDP wanted a referendum first.

Second , will the Agreement deal with the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion . Both Parties oppose the expansion. The Liberals support it. Will the Agreement see a provision where by the two parties agree to present a motion/bill to the Legislature requesting that the BC Government inform the Federal Government of the Legislature and Governments’ opposition to the expansion and request its cancellation? The Federal Government holds the power over this project and ,given that it has already approved it , I suspect the project will not be cancelled by the Federal Government.

The two Parties , NDP and Greens, could then save face by having done all they can to oppose the project .

The ball is in Christy Clark’s court in that she has to decide whether to accept the Agreement and resign as the Government and go to the Liutenant Governor and ask for a new Government to be formed or she could seek to hold on , present a new Throne Speech to the Legislature and have it voted on , most likely being defeated by the combined NDP/Green majority and the Government falls and the Lieutenat Governor calls on the NDP to form a Government knowing ,of course , that a minority government is possible given today’s agreement.


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