Forgive Me , For I have Sinned !

I listened to cbc radio a few minutes ago . I said I would not but a small business construction person was on responding to the likely prospect of a new Government in BC .

Well, I should not have listened. The frustration is unbearable.

In interviewing the small business person who expressed concern about the possible cancellation of billion dollar resource projects like the hydro project, the pipeline project, the interviewer(of course most likely a NDP or Green reporter) posed the response that if these projects were cancelled this could be made up with construction jobs promised in schools and hospital construction . The utter ignorance in the nature of the construction for Pipeline construction, hydro construction vs building construction is astonishing, even for CBC. Must we bear this ?

Then business reporter CBC commenting on the reaction of the stock market as a result of the possible change of Government in BC and the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Project posed the idea that ‘ Infrastructure ‘ was a federal responsibility not differentiating between the Site C Hydro Project being Provincial jurisdiction and the Kinder Morgan Pipeline being Federal jurisdiction, both being highlighted on that program. Hence, leaving a very confusing impression with the listener and anyone not well versed in jurisdictional arrangements.

One would think that our billion dollar subsidy would help support a public broadcaster that at least would hire people that had the basic knowledge as to how the country works.


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