Hey, the Sky Is Not Falling—-no, no , no —

To listen to the news on Trump’s Paris agreement decision you would think the world is about to end. All those self serving Tesla and GM CEO’s showing their conflict of interest bonus fides need to smell the roses.

This AM the jobless rate in the US is the lowest in sixteen years –that covers all of Emerpeor Obama’s years and all US stock market indices have hit record highs . The US is exporting record barrels of oil and the individual’s pay is higher vs GDP than it has been. And the Uk industrial production is up even though it was predicted to be in the tank because it wants to keep its sovereignty.

What’s going on you ask?

You do not need top down over regulated big government to effect change .

That’s what Trump and others like him are saying. Many just don’t get it. Especially Government loving CBC or PBS , or the progressive crowd New York Times and Washington Post.

The US got out of Kyoto and emissions came down.

The US is getting out of a fraudulent Environmental Agreement and innovation will continue and emissions will continue to come down.

Its called the marketplace —true capitalism —

It works —-some of the greatest reductions in emissions in the industrized world in the last 20 years have occurred in the US without Kyoto —-and some of the lowest electricity rates in the industrialized world at the same time especially lower than top down, socialized Europe .

Its easy –as Deidre McCloskey , renown economist keeps saying. Just allow liberty to prevail—–individual action —then innovation will prosper and a better world unfolds. Every nation has had to ‘allow ‘ it —even China —-.


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