Canadian Constitutional Impasse ? British Columbia, Canada . Newfoundland to the Rescue.

British Columbia , Canada has a probable Constitutional issue.

Recent election results have 43 Liberals elected, and 44 NDP and Greens elected. The NDP/Greens have formed an alliance for the Greens of 3 to support the NDP of 41.

Problem. Speaker. By convention/custom ( important in Canada and the British Commonwelth) a speaker is chosen in the legislature and usually acts in a neutral fashion , only voting in the rare occasion of a tie. And if it is a confidence issue usually votes with the Government to keep stability.

Well, here we have a sitiuation that the Liberals who seem to want to hold power are in no hurry to nominate one of their own for speaker and then reduce their numbers to 42 , and the NDP/Greens , if they nominate one of their number would cause a tie if the speaker upheld the convention of being neutral. And even if convention was broken and the NDP nominee became speaker( voting for him or herself) the new Speaker would most likely have to vote on every motion brought before the Legislature . Somewhat unusual. Of course. If the NDP/Greens nominee does not vote then there is a likely tie.

Experts are looking for examples in history . Well, my native Province( Country) has one .

When Newfoundland was a Dominion , the election of November 1908 was tied –18 to 18. The leader of the opposition, Morris , was asked to form a Government. He proposed a speaker , legislator Warren . The legislature voted to oppose 18 to 17 with Warren not voting. The Prime Minister , Robert Bond , then proposed a speaker , legislator Ellis–the vote was 18 to 18 . After wrangling and advice from the Colonial Office in London , an election was called by the Governor for May ,1909, with Morris gaining a health majority 26 to 10.


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