Major Shift In The Middle East

Most major mews outlets are reporting a major shift in the political power structure of the Middle East. Four major Arab Middle East Countries: Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arb Emirates have severed ties with Qatar . These four countries are accusing Quatar of supporting terrorism in the region. Saudia Arabia is giving visitors and residents from Qatar two weeks to leave. Transport authorities in Saudi Arabia and UAR have ceased transport ties with Quatar. Later the Libyan and Yemen Governments joined the other four.

This marks a major shift in the power politics of the Misdle East. Some are blaming or crediting the US Administration for the move citing President Trump’s recent visit to the region where he called on the Arab states to take a stronger stand against Islamist Terrorism. The US has a large military base in Qatar .

This could mark the first overt action of the more moderate Arab states to really do something meaningful and demonstrate that they do not support the ongoing terrorist actions supported by Iran and Qatar.

This realignment has potential serious consequences in the area and could isolate Iran and Qatar .

It will be interesting to see how the Europeans , so blind to fully accepting extreme islamatic terrorism as being a reality, will react to this new development.

It seems to me as a victory for the new American foreign policy in this region.


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