New Canadian Foreign Policy -Author , Donald Trump

Well my , oh my, what do we have here? A shiny new foreign policy coming down the road . Like, being embarrassed by Doanald Trump regarding NATO where all memebers had agree to spend 2% of their National Budgets on Defence . But Canada failed —-comes 23 out of 27. Less than two per cent , less than 1 percent.

Meanwhile, we get embarrassed by Estonia 2.16% ? Greece 2.38%? You gotta be kidding? Britain 2.21% and Poland 2%? And the US topping everyone at 3.61%. That is all who kept their promise out of 27.

Oh, yes , finally there is someone to call out these stragglers .

There is even talk in Europe of strengthening ther military . Talk —we’ll see–but at least they are talking about it. Lightening might strike and they might do something about it. No doubt Trump shook their chain .

Oh, and by the way I thought we were already on the world stage –did not we go into Afghanistan –I had a brother with the UN Forces in Cyprus decades ago. Wasn’t there a Canadian by the name of Pearson who won the Peace Prize?

Tomorrow we are to hear from the Defence Minister ( today External Affairs Minister is just laying the table -the ground work ,something called policy –she’s a bit of a policy wonk they say—) about extra funds ——

Extra funds ?

Did not the Princeling tell these Ministers that he promised just a $10 billion deficit and it already bordering on $30 billion ?

And it is all styled and framed as if we have to be more independent now that Trump is —–gone! Gone!

He ain’t gone anywhere Minister —

He is just calling you all out !

And what if Russia militarily attacked tomorrow , next year, next decade ? Or China ?

Who would we have to defend us?

We can’t even agree on Hornets or F-16’s —–a Procurement Morass.

What about those British Diesel Ships we bought?

So, are we out of NORAD?


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