Quebec Wants To Open Constitutional Talks –Good Luck With That

I thought Phillip Couillard was a sensible fellow. That’s in serious question now . His Government has produced a 154 page document of how they, Quebec, see themselves in the Canadian Federation. They actually are serious about beginning Constitutional Talks with the other Provinces and the Federal Government .

I was involved in such talks years ago including the Meech Lake Accord and the Patriation Process. If Quebec thinks it is able to get everyone to open talks that exclusively deals with Quebec issues, they are dreaming in technicolor. One little tweak can cause all sorts of repurcusussions , like the proverbial stone in the pool of water—-

I have not seen a recent poll but my suspicion is that the likelihood of even having 20% of the electorate interested in such talks would be a stretch . The political class in Ottawa and some Academics trying to hold on to their jobs would have some interest obviously but that’s about it.

Our Princeling and the Premiers have many other issues to occupy their time from US Trade Talks and , well ,trying to implement their own internal half baked internal trade agreemnet ,as well as managing their deficit financed bloated administrations.


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