Comey 2

I know, I know, most want some juicy stuff but:

No evidence of collusion Trump Campaign with Russia

No investigation of Trump personally regarding Russia.

Comey deliberately leaked private ( perhaps some classified) information to third parties with the direction to leak to the media to ‘ get his side of the story out and try and get a special counsel .

Comey would not release publicly that Trump was not being Investigated even though it was true, yet he deliberately anonymously leaked his own information on Trump meetings.

Comey did not want to see a special counsel regarding Clinton , but wanted one on Trump .

There is no evidence that Trump obstructed justice .

Oh—Loretta Lynch –remember her –the one on the Tarmac with Willie Clinton–well, apparently she wanted Comey to not call the Clinton e-mail scandal an’investigation ‘–just call it a ‘ matter.’


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