My Take –Comey

I have read Comey’s written testimony and listened and read commentaries ad nauseum —-


1. What happened to finding who illegally leaked the Flynn stuff–we know that leak is a felony? All the rest is rumour and innuendo so far.

2. There can be no obstruction of justice by Trump because Comey did not report it—and given that it is a crime not to report same —–the lily white Comey would never committ a crime like that!

3. From several intelligence officials in the last few days there was never any investigation of Trump regarding collusion with the Russians. Apparently Comey has said this privately but not publically. Even Senator vice chair Democrat Mark Warner of the Intelligence Committee stated , ‘there is just smoke—-.’

4. Comey, himself? Ego derangement syndrome.

No, what we have , as Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal said this morning , is a dysfunctional White House —–most particularly Trump, undermining his own Government through a Tweeting obsession. Additionally, even undermining his own decisions . Henninger reports that key personnel appointments have still not been made —–of some 558 , 427 have yet to be made six months into the Presidency. Without a competent senior public service following up on significant executive action , confusion reigns. Of course, the inability of Congress to act decisively also contributes to this ineffectiveness.

That really is the issue.


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