Anglosphere Divided

Wow! Who saw that coming?

Like the US , the UK is divided this morning. At least politically.

In a real shocker the people of the UK denied conservative Prime Mininister May a majority in the House of Commons. Looks like around 318 seats —needing 326 for a majority. The big winner was a resurgent Labor party. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. This Labor party is a far left monstrosity that unfortunately still has ‘legs ‘ with the British people.

Interestingly the Unionist party of Northern Ireland is the real winner and now is possible king/queen maker since with the 10 seats projected for that party the Conservatives ,if they could do a deal with that party , would have a slim majority.

This, of course, is a real negative given the difficult negotiations pending relative to Brexit.

In today’s world –expect the unexpected !


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