The Socialist Threat In the ‘ Old Country ‘

And the shadow of soicialism is back again in the UK. I thought this had become a fringe movement now. But the latest surge of the LABOR PARTY in the election yesterday destroys that.

So what is on offer from theses socialists. I looked up their manifesto.

Oh, My God!

No increase in income taxes for anyone earning 80,000 pounds or less . Increased taxes for those above that.

Increase in corporate taxes

Break up the RBS bank and have more local banks

60% of electricity in the country to be zero carbon by 2030

New National Investment Bank –spend 250 Billion Pounds over ten years

National Education Service

Stamp tax

Widening of public ownership throughout the economy

Corporate rules to change –principle of shared wealth to be instituted


Too much already—can’t read any more of this fantasy!


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