Ten Global Energy Trends —

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy and The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies collaborated on a study of energy trends and how they would affect the Gulf Region and the policy implication for the region.

Perhaps readers would be interested in the global energy trends that this study identified . This study has just been published .

Acceleration of shift in oil demand away from the OECD to non-OECD;

Shifts in oil demand within non-OECD Asia driven by China and India;

Continuing role of US shale oil as a ‘new’, nimble source of supply;

Shift in oil trade flows from ‘East to East’ and from ‘West to East’;

Possibility of the US becoming a net oil and natural gas exporter;

Changing relations within OPEC countries;

Growing relevance of Russia-OPEC relations;

Changing nature of geopolitical risks affecting the oil market;

Shift in oil market perceptions from scarcity to abundance; and

High uncertainty regarding the impact of technological change and climate change policies on oil demand.


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