Mark Levin–New Book–‘Rediscovering America and the Tyranny of Progressivism.’

Mark Levin is the most widely read conservative author in America, and his latest book, Rediscovering America and the Tyranny of Progressivism , demonstrates why. In his brilliant new book, Mark takes us back to America’s purpose and delves into the eternal principles and truths that gave birth to our great nation. In one bracing page after another, Mark examines and discusses the sources, meaning, and relevance of these principles — natural law and rights, individualism, liberty, property, republicanism, and more — and the philosophers and thinkers who influenced our Founders.

Rediscovering Americanism is available now for order at and Barnes & Noble.
In a devastating critique, Mark also unmasks and dissects the ideological roots of the Progressive Movement, including its philosophers and thinkers, and the destructive forces it has unleashed against the American civil society, individual freedom and rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and capitalism.

Mark’s commanding new book, which he calls his best book, is a dazzling lesson in history, philosophy, economics, culture, and much more, about which few have been exposed or experienced. The reader comes away with a deep and meaningful understanding of, and appreciation for, Americanism and, conversely, the ruinous consequences of progressivism. Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressivism is THE essential book of our time if we, the people, are to restore our republic against growing authoritarianism.


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