What? The Print Press Looking For Government Sudsidy ?

What? National Post, Globe and Mail Looking For Government Handout? Would you believe $350 million?

I have heard it all now. Freedom takes another hit . Orwell , my boy, tis all coming to pass.

Did you read what I just wrote?

The big boys of the print media looking to be bailed out by the Government !

Who would have thought this was possible?

Yes, these Canadian Media giants have thrown in the towel . Cannot make it in local reporting they say without getting a subsidy. Well, if you can’t make it , get out of the way . The answer is not a Government handout. Oh, yes, I know , you are making all the lazy arguments like the CBC is there , magazines are getting Government money etc.

Three wrongs don’t make a right!

I remember when your papers would be saying let the market work–produce a good product and it will be bought. What happened. ?

Andrew Coyne, I am pleased to say, has come out opposing this latest capitulation from free enterprise. I have been a critic of Coyne in the past few years so it is good to see he is returning to his more ‘enlightened’ roots of some years ago.

Independent voices are disappearing –our democracy is in decline .

People don’t realize what is happening .

Printing money , living in perpetual deficit and hence more and more debt, passing motions discriminating against our own traditions , cash for access, Christmas with those who provide money, violating international commitments in defence , yet spending many millions on agreements that have no binding rules or enforcement rules——–flogging openness and breaking promises —–

And now it looks like fewer independent voices in the press.


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