France A Big Shake Up

Monsieur Macron has pulled off a dramatic victory in France. With a party just formed one year ago, he has won the presidency and now has a parliamentary majority of 350 seats in the 577 seat Estates General. The establishment parties were routed especially the Socialist Party. The National Front also did not do well and spells defeat for any real anti Europe sentiment translating into political power. While the leader LaPenn won a seat , she has only seven others in the whole parliament. The center right Republican Party did manage to salvage some credibility with well over 100 seats.

The reform of the economy Macron seeks , and which is long overdue in France , seems likely although there is one big negative —-only 44% of those eligible to vote actually voted —-so I suspect one will see opposition to the reforms and the streets once again stacked with protesters.

So the question will be –will Macron stand up to the protesters and use his parliamentary majority to get the change he seeks. Or perhaps a better question is how much of the Macron program will actually become law?