Liberals In BC Throw Hail Mary

There is a desperate political party rummaging around for anything they think would help them stay in power. The BC Liberal Party , having to meet the Legislature tomorrow has signaled new spending on child care etc to the tune of $220 million —of course , all new money totally unaccounted for.

The Coalition NDP /Greens have 44 seats , the Liberals have 43 seats. With the reopening of the legislature , the Liberals are sure to fall on a confidence vote on the Liberal’s new Throne Speech with all the goodies referenced and perhaps more.

The public is not amused by this desperate attempt of the Liberlas to try and retain power , especially in light of a written accord of co-operation between the two opposition parties.

What is most interesting is how the coalition will govern given it is likely they will have to elect one of their own as Speaker , meaning the seat total would then be 43 to 43 causing the speaker to have to break many tie votes in order for the coalition to retain power, breaking new ground on Parliamentary Governance in the British Commonwealth.


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