Islamic Division –The More Things Change—-

It is not new. It began soon after the death of Mohammed. Who would inherit his position? A dispute ensued and the Sunni and Shite factions arose therefrom. Simplistic but essentially true from what I have read.

And in the Middle East we see it rising to dangerous proportions in 2017.

Sunni Saudi Arabia with younger leadership sees the bellicose shite Iran rising and trying to gain hegemony in the region. This new leadership has decided to act and with its allies of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and the UAE have indicated to Quatar that their pro Iran tendencies will no longer be tolerated.

Of course, this becomes a real global affair as you have the US standing with the Saudi led group on the one hand and Russia standing with the Iran Group( Iraq ?, Syria, Hezbollah and Yemen) on the other side. Turkey is somewhere in the middle, I suppose.

Makes for an explosive, toxic brew , methinks .

So whatever the politically correct crowd may say this particular religion continues to cause havoc around the world even discounting the more extreme groups like ISIS and AL Qaeda etc.


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