Welcome to Canada’s Fantasyland !

Silly, Crass , Irresponsible !

Canada you say? Yes. British Columbia !

There was a recent Election in this left Coast Province . West of The Rockies —–as in different!

The reigning Liberals got 43 seats .

The Opposition Parties got 44 seats.

The Opposition Parties signed an agreement promising to co-operate .

Notwithstanding —The Liberals , not understanding basic arithmetic , or common sense and courtesy , is still clinging to power weeks later.

They finally called the Legislature , produced and delivered a Throne Speech.

It was full of promises of things they had sworn only weeks before they would never do. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth!

Now today , the Minister of Finance produces an economic and fiscal update , a few short months after the Budget .

Presto ! A surplus of $ 2.7 billion not $1.3 billion.

But the Minister was forced , no doubt by fiscal agents and rating agencies , to include two important words :

‘Anticipated and Audit as in Subject to Audit. ‘

In other words this so called update is not real —–it is what a desperate party wants you to believe will happen .

They are hoping that tomorrow their likely defeat on non confidence produces a Government that won’t last and they will use theses numbers in the election campaign.

Of course, for those of us who live here , this is nothing new .

The Liberals have been parading an operating surplus as if it was a budgetary surplus for years as the debt continued to increase.


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