British Columbia Politics This Evening ——

Christy Clark , leader of British Columbia’s Liberals, should resign

Witnessing the final gasp of the Liberals here in BC this evening was painful.

The Liberals were hanging on by their fingernails to the bitter end.

No class or grace here .

I served 17 years in a Provincial Legislature . I was not impressed with what I saw today watching the Legislative proceedings on the Provincial Legislature channel or what I saw on two of the TV channels later.

The Election was on May 9. Taking this long to come to a conclusion was a democratic disgrace. And the Liberals and Clark are to blame .

Today ?

1. The speaker did not seem to know what he was doing.

2. The veteran Liberal legislators looked out of place and any thing but seasoned in their roles . Almost nervous .

3. Many gave off a sense of entitlement and as if they had a monopoly on how the Province should be run.

4. Clarke ‘s 90 minutes with the Lieutenant Governor was over the top. Some press are reporting that she asked for the House to be dissolved and an election called. Whatever she said it was all too long. And to advise such a procedure flies in the face of constitutional convention and the fact that a majority of members had an written agreement to co-operate.

5. This action alone means Clark should resign.

6. Global TV and CTV were pathetic. They had many weeks to get this right. But their reporters and commentators acted as if this place could flaunt all British Parliamentary Constitutional practice and convention. Their experts were weak and although they pointed out what was the appropriate procedure they did it feebly and without conviction.

Thankfully, the Lt. Governor , with proper Constitutional advice from other than former Premier Clark , acted on that advice and constitutional integrity is maintained.

Whether the NDP/Green coalition will last etc is , of course, another question.


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