Minimum Wage Hikes Hurt The Low Wage Worker

Progressives in Seattle just don’t get it. And it is not rocket science now is it? Increase the price of a product and certain negatives are bound to occur.

The City of Seattle increased their minimum wage from $11 per hour to $13.

Guess what happened? Less money for the low wage earners, the very people it was suppose to help. A study by the University of Washington professors showed according to the Wall Street Journal:

‘A study from researchers at the University of Washington published in the National Bureau of Economic Research looked at how Seattle’s minimum-wage increase in 2016 to $13 an hour from $11 affected low-wage workers. The results? Hours worked fell 9%—3.5 million hours a quarter—and low-wage employees lost $125 a month on average.’

Remember the words of one of the songs of a bygone era but still valid today:

‘ ——-when will they ever learn —-‘

And there are more progressives in our midst who believe this than one can believe.

Makes one wonder about our education system and the media .


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