Toronto School Board Discriminates Against Israel

From The Rebel New Network

‘The Toronto District School Board is indoctrinating our children.

“Canadian Communities, Past & Present” is a textbook designed for sixth-grade social studies classrooms.

It contains all the usual globalist, crypto-Marxist mumbo-jumbo about motifs like “global citizenship”. But it goes one step further. The textbook discusses things like immigration and war as it relates to Canada and the world. And then, there’s a passage about child soldiers.

It starts off rather innocuously and objectively, describing the UN Convention on the Rights of a child which forbids children under the age of 15 from armed conflicts.

And then begins to name countries in which child soldiers have been used in armed conflict. Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Mali, and Yemen.


The textbook includes Israel as a country that uses child soldiers.

The Israeli Defence Forces are one of the most publicly profiled, best funded, and well-outfitted armies in the world. In Israel, military service is mandatory for Jews above the age of 18.

Israel does not use nor would they ever need to use child soldiers.

The IDF, unlike the other nations on that list, have very clear and inviolable age restrictions. There is not a single credible story that exists anywhere about the IDF every recruiting or using child soldiers in any instance since the formation of the nation-state of Israel.

On the other hand, Israel’s enemies’ use of child soldiers is well documented.

Just this past winter, the Gaza-based terror group Hamas proudly showed off the “future of Hamas” in a series of chilling shots of children bearing arms. And it’s not just a photo-op in Gaza, they have “terror summer camps” for child soldiers where Gazan children participate in military drills and weapons training activities.

And, while Israel’s Islamist enemies train children to fire on the Middle East’s only democracy, the IDF is busy treating over fifteen hundred injured Syrians from that nation’s war.

Yet this Canadian curriculum paints Israel’s army as the sort of immoral monsters who recruit children to war.

The truth is that Israel uses some of the most moral military tactics witnessed anywhere in the modern world, including phone calls to civilians in enemy territories before strikes and “roof-knockers” small warning rockets — usually sent from drones, to tell people which buildings are being targeted and provide time for escape.

This sixth-grade textbook isn’t rooted in facts, it uses the same tactics of lies and conspiracy theory practiced by the Palestinian Authority to stoke hatred against Israel.

It’s not educational material; it’s indoctrination.

The TDSB has a policy document which provides certain standards for when it comes to bias. It states that any “content must be free from racial, ethnocultural, religious, regional bias and bias by omission.”

Considering this elementary school text falsely claimed Israel uses child soldiers while omitting to mention her neighbours (who actually do utilize children in battle), then this text does not meet the guideline necessary to remain on this list.’