Our Princeling Is At It Again! How About Extended Injury Reserve!

The Princeling Fumbles Again—Can’t We Put Him On ‘Extended Injury Reserve ?’

I was waiting to see if there would be someone come forward and question our dear Princeling on this apparent award of $10.5 million to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr . Thankfully, there have been a number expressing concern in the National Post today. One such is MP Michelle Rempel from Calgary. Worth a read. And Howard Angelin ,former staff member with Prime Minister Harper, also has a good piece in the same Paper.

I mean what’s this country coming to———just read about the Nelson Publishing Company having to retract content in a grade six textbook they had published stating that Israel employed child soldiers. You see the political correct crowd, infused with Jewish dislike and pro Palestinian tendencies , had infiltrated the school publishing business. Now the company has had to apologize and issue a statement that this was and is not fact. Thanks to Ezra Levant’s much maligned The Rebel , the company was caught out . Hallaluhai !

And now , not to be outdone, Our Dear Princeling’s Government has apparently agree to hand over $10.5 million dollars to Omar Khadr even though the matters in question are before the courts in the USA and Canada. You know the favourite line usually is –‘ can’t talk , its before the courts’—-well, that is thrown out the window. The Government obviously has been negotiating with Khadr’s lawyers. And as Mr. Adelin says the Supreme Court decision did not order compensation. Likely, return to Canada was sufficient.

And anyway, should we not let the legal processes take their course in such a matter?

Of course, Trudeau Jr. displays his junior status almost every day —don’t take positions —except as long as it takes to move from one position to another.

In the same paper mention is made that he( Jr.) is wooing the Scots.

How about him taking an extended highland fling, selfies and all. You know like they do in sports — put him on ‘ extended injury reserve ‘—— in Scotland.

Summer would be so joyous with his absence .


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