Fake News Means Framing The Information , Its Absence Or Some of IT

Take this morning for example, Reuters, one of the world’s large New Organizations , has as it main online news story : ‘US and G20 Split Over Climate.’ This is News! Old news regurgitated to look new.

You see this is just an attempt by those pro European organizations to again highlight the split between the US and the other G20. The US has refused to go along with a political correct , money spending , hypocritical agreement which allows China and India to keep spewing carbon which the G20 allegedly does’t like . That tries to get the US to spend billions nevertheless on such ineffective gobblygook. Thankfully, unlike Obama, the US is now standing strong against it. So not news just more headlines out of the G20 to highlight yesterday’s news but to make the US look bad.

Similarly, headlines on this conference also try and paint the US as anti free trade, highlighting remarks by German Merkle and others saying unlike the US they will continue to push free trade. Wrong . The US favours free trade ——that is real free trade–not agreements that skew this or that or the large global agreements which either impinge upon a nations sovereignty or directly reduce it. The EU and Brexit is all about this .

But in the UK case new groups try to paint the UK as some how ant trade because it won’t follow the crowd.

So it is hard to get real news these days without blatant bias —Reuters and Assocaited Press , two leading news groups are firmly in that corner–so watch their wording and framing—–.


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