American Congressional Republicans Just Not Up To It

It must be some frustrating to all those foot soldiers , poll captains , party organizers throughout the US who fought so hard to get their Congressmen and Senators elected. Why, these elected people can’t seem get their signature promises into law. Take the Health Care legislation they promised. They pilloried the Obamacare law , committed to repeal it, committed to replace it , and to this point have been unable to do either. No doubt the President is likewise frustrated. Similarly, the tax reform waits in the wings.

The good old GOP , especially that part of it which is elected , a large part of it , therefore, seems to be unable to act in Government as effectively as they could in opposition.

If this continues these elected politicians could imperil the Trump presidency in that the mid term elections could see a large reduction in their number and hence jeopardize other promises waiting to enacted.

Now Nancy Pelosi said of the Obamacare Act let’s pass and then read it. That’s is unacceptable. But so is the Republican position of being indecisive, divisive , and unproductive.


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