If The Temperature Change Happens Before The C02 Change ——How ———-

The second last blog I posted where scientists take on the President of MIT re Climate Change and the Paris Agreement really did an effective rebuttal to all the fake information that has been circulating for years —especially the alarmist part of it.

And no one wants to hear the following question:

If temperature change happens before the C02 change then how can C02 be the cause of global temperature change?

The authors say in the MIT essay:

‘Ice cores have revealed that changes in CO2 concentration follow rather than precede changes in temperature. As the latest high-resolution records show, during the last deglaciation, atmospheric CO2 lagged temperature increases by 50 to 500 years.’

Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball in a recent article on his web site said:

‘The problem is that in every record from any time in the history of the Earth the temperature increases before the CO2.’

I have not heard anyone rebutt this argument.

If true why all the weeping and knashing of teeth over the role of C02 ?


3 thoughts on “If The Temperature Change Happens Before The C02 Change ——How ———-

  1. Hopefully, with more info getting out there, maybe some will start to think for themselves……..this CO2 con has got to stop.


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