Drinking Israeli Wine ? Yes You Can –

Let me first say I am pro Israel.

Oops —The Canaduian Government made a blooper –The Food Agency decided that wine from the West Bank could not be sold in Canada. Not with ‘made in Israel’ on the label. Oh, ya?

Well, it only lasted a few hours. Various pro Israeli groups jumped on the matter pointing out to the authorities that they would be violating their own free trade agreement with Israel. Imagine that.

The decision was quickly reversed .

But how in all common sense, could this mistake happen in the first place. The authorities actually talked about Israeli borders and the 1967 war. Sorry folks , I smell something foul here.

But the pro Israeli forces , quick off the mark , exposed the incompetence of the Federal Authorities.

The last word goes to one wine owner who said when he heard the original decision:

Yaakov Berg, Psagot Winery’s CEO, said Thursday he was “amazed” at Canada’s decision.

“We are living in Judea and Samaria by historic right. Canada, of all places, which was established and developed on basis of occupying and sacrificing the homeland of another people and which has no roots or historical validity to its existence there, doesn’t recognize the right of a Jew to live and cultivate vines on land inherited from his forefathers?” he said in a statement.


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