Health Care . Canada Comes 9th Out of Eleven !

So when will Canaiadian leaders finally accept that we are not doing well in health care when compared to out peers? Or for that matter Canadians generally understanding that we are not near number one like many continue to tell me. .

The latest study of 11 countries show us coming 9th.

The Commonwealth Fund , an American based organization, has been involved in studying Heath care systems for some time and their latest study shows the US coming last and Canada not far behind.

Here is what the report says it does:

‘This report uses recent data to compare health care system performance in the U.S. with that of 10 other high-income countries and considers the different approaches to health care organization and delivery that can contribute to top performance. We based our analysis on 72 indicators that measure performance in five domains important to policymakers, providers, patients, and the public: Care Process, Access, Administrative Efficiency, Equity, and Health Care Outcomes.’

Of course, anyone in Canada who has had recent experience with out health system can verify the sad state of affairs in this country . Of course, that’s why tens of thousands go outside the country each year for health care. I know of experiences in BC, Ontario, Newfoundland where wait times for specialists is six months to a year , for example.

The countries involved besides Canada and the US are: UK, France, Germany, Netherlands , Switzerland , Australia, New Zealand , Norway and Sweden.

The UK, Netherlands and Australia head the pact.

So , first let’s stop putting our heads in the sand and declaring how good we are; and always comparing ourselves to the Americans . After that finding better ways to do health care will become much easier.

By the way the three top countries all had different methods to deliver their health care.


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