Eye on America : Are the Republicans in Free Fall?

Some blogs back I broached this topic. As the days have gone by the chances of this becoming the likely continuing trend get more certain.

Witness the latest debacle on health by the Senate. This is suppose to be the sober, intelligent, thoughtful chamber . The House of Representatives debacle would never be repeated in the Senate. Yet, here we are a few weeks later with a major defeat, embarrassment in full view. Not only couldn’t the Senate Republicans get a version of their Heath Care ideas agreed to my their own colleagues , but they could not even muster enough votes to do a repeal of Obamacare now, with a two year window for gradual replacement. So where does health care reform go from here?

Coming up next is tax reform –and given this debacle , this is far from a sure thing. Obviously, the Democrats licking their lips on this defeat, will not be that amenable to compromise where it may have existed just a few short months ago. Then there is infrastructure and other banking reforms . Looks like a tough agenda.

The market smells it , too, and hence the dollar is coasting lower and optimism that had been present in the marketplace is being eroding almost every day.

Add to the mix the ongoing formal investigations of the special counsel and the Congressional Committees on collusion etc, and the informal daily witch hunts of just about every mainstream media, assisted by a fumbling White House and Democrats looking for blood, and you have trouble all around .

And there is not much time to right the ship.

If this continues, and the mid terms see the Republicans loose the Congress, then this first two years will seem like child’s play to the final two of this Administration.

The sad thing is that some real good things are happening but are overshadowed daily by Congressional and Presidential bungling which capture the headlines and create a momentum all their own.

Not a pretty site!


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