Sessions Under Tweet Fire

The first Premier of Newfoundland was Joseph Smallwood. I remember years ago talking to former Ministers and Deputy Ministers under Smallwood and their fear of hearing the intercom ‘box’ go off.

Apparently Smallwood had installed this new electronic device in a number of his advisers offices in order to get ready access to them. Such calls from Smallwood were seldom congratulatory calls.

I am reminded of this as I read President Trump’s tweeting about his Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Of course, he foreshadowed this in a recent New York Times interview. All of Trump’s Cabinet Members must wonder when will it be one of them in an upcoming tweet.

Sessions was the first Senator to endorse Trump and was a loyal, trusted advisor throughout the campaign. Unless there is something nefarious that we do not know about , and if there is Trump owes it to the public to so inform, this recent outburst is completely out of line and does not bode well for the Administration.

‘Not a nice way to run a railroad .’

One would think that if the boss has a problem with one of his appointees , rather than a public rebuke , he would have a private confab and either resolve the issue or the two would part ways.

It is hard to see many wanting to join a ‘team’ that has a boss that acts in this way, especially when it happens to a loyal supporter and who , at least from what we know , is doing a fine job implementing Trump policies in his Depaartment , especially in law enforcement, sanctuary cities and immigration.


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