German Complicity

That is today–not decades ago.


The Germans are upset with the USA concerning sanctions on Russia that might impede German industry’s ability to engage with Russia in the Baltic gas line. This is gas from Russia that Germans have alllowed themselves to be become accustomed to needing . And , of course, German industry and finance wants to be involved . Hence principles like refraining to cooperate with Russia because of their illegal Crimea take over of their less than democratic system only go so far.

You don’t say?

You mean this green loving, freedom loving nation is dealing with a country that does illegal invasions of others territory and preaches to the west about the evils of fossil fuels and yet is dealing with Russia on Natural GAS?

And if that was not sufficient to fill your cup :

How about Germany’s dealings with Turkey and Erdogan? That’s the person that daily arrests all sorts of people for standing up for free speech . Tens of thousands have been arrested. Well, Germany pays off Erdogan to ensure fewer migrants reach Germany. Oh, yes there is a spat on now between Germany and Turkey but who has who over a barrel? With the election looming in Germany Merkle sure does not want to see more migrants let loose from Turkey headed for Germany , now does she?

So the next time you hear Germans directly or through their satellite ,the EU , lecture North America on green and freedom —take it with a grain of —————Well , a ton of hypocrisy.


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