Canada’s Shocking Slowness !

Canada ‘s Shocking Slowness

It is hard to describe and I do not know if this headline is the best one .

But I just came across a shocking statistic.

I often reference numbers such as this one and I often get a puzzled look from the listener or one that says –you are exaggerating. Sometimes I comment on general service by retail outlets and restaurants and indicate I often get better service south of the border . I mean these are fighting words.

Well , the latest is a World Bank statistic that gives how many days it takes in various countries to resolve a commercial dispute in one court.

Canada is fourth worst —–only Afghanistan , Pakistan, and India take more days. In Canada it takes an average of 910 days.

China , Brazil and South Africa , for example, do better. Who would ever think this ?

And , most distressingly , our two partners in NAFTA , the US and Mexico do much better : the US 420 and Mexico 341.

Who would believe given the news we hear out of Mexico that this country would beat us in this area? And , of course, in terrible America?


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