Gore is Gored

Hypocrite Al Gore has a new movie. It bombed. Coming in number 15 in its first week. Of course, Gore supporters blamed Paramount Pictures , the producer of the movie . You see Paramount never gave it a wide distribution in the first week. Of course, no one looked at why. For example, it was not shown in Boise, Idaho. People there are not receptive to Gore’s exaggerations and out right untruths. So why would Paramount loose even more money? And so it went in many places that Paramount knew from past experience.

It’ s about time this Petro guzzling world traveller , hawker of doom , got his comeuppence . How many times does this guy make money from pseudo science and fear?

As Bjorn Lomborg said in a recent article:

‘The former vice president has a poor record. Over the past 11 years Mr. Gore has suggested that global warming had caused an increase in tornadoes, that Mount Kilimanjaro’s glacier would disappear by 2016, and that the Arctic summers could be ice-free as soon as 2014. These predictions and claims all proved wrong. ‘

He reminds me of those peddlers in the old western movies that would turn up unannounced to flag a new remedy on an unsuspecting public.

We pride ourselves on our advancemenents; how shallow when we support such charlatans in our midst.

Hopefully, this latest bomb will mark the end of such false prophets.

One lives in hope.


3 thoughts on “Gore is Gored

  1. May the carpet-bagger pack up his ‘potions’………heartly sick of his pronouncements…..he has wrought countless millions of wasted funds to be spent on ‘remedies’. Our globe has its own timeframe……to everything there is a season – and in earth’s case, many thousands/millions of years to each of those seasons.


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