And Then The Land Needed For Solar and Wind Power ——

Continuing on my theme of energy –this time on the overlooked area of just how much land is used to generate all this so called new alternate energy sources. Given the alleged interest in the total environment that solar and wind advocates profess one needs to look at just how much of their precious land is being used to generate this alternate power.

Thankfully , a new study by Utah State University helps to illuminate in this area.

Just how much land does 1 Mega Watt of electricity use for different energy sources ?

Well, according to this study:

Coal——— -12.21 acres

Natural gas —12.41 acres

Nuclear ——-12.71 acres

Solar ———43.5 acres

Wind ———-70.64

Hydro———-315.22 acres

Wow! Funny you never hear about that!

Now that is only one mega watt.

How many mega watts of electricity is produced by coal in the US?

Well enough to involve 5227 sq miles

And if this was natural gas 5191 sq. miles

If nuclear ——-5139 sq. miles

But if all that coal generated electricity in the US was generated by Solar?

65,958 sq. miles ! By wind ? 65, 914 sq. miles and hydro–194,425 sq. miles !

How large is the State of Georgia ?

57,906 sq miles

How large is the Island of Newfoundland?

43,000 sq. miles

It would take the area of 10 Connecticuts.

How large is the three Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island?

50,781 sq miles.

So just to replace coal with solar or wind in the US the land area would be greater than all the Maritime Provinces of Canada or the State of Georgia.

Nice to know in what direction we are heading.


2 thoughts on “And Then The Land Needed For Solar and Wind Power ——

  1. Some say that in the not too distant future house roof tops will take care of the square footage issue in generating solar power to be redistributed through the grid during peak power demand. Cheers, David


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