Ignorance Of Climate Goes Right To The Top

I just read in the Wall Street Journal the following :

‘Climate change is no longer coming, it’s here. And we are living with it every day.”

Hooray , Hooray! What a revelation!

Now this was said , according to the paper , by the President and CEO of the Pacific Electric and Gas Company of San Francisco , California, Geisha Williams.

This company is the largest private owner of hydro electric facilities in the USA. Revenue on 2017 was over $17 Billion. Net Income was $ 1.66 Billion, assets are $68 Billion. It is a big Utility!

Ms. Williams holds a BA in Elctrical Engineering from the University of Miami and an MBA from Nova South Eastern University.

How anyone can get to the top with such ignorance of Climate and Climate change just goes to show just how much misunderstanding there is out there.

Too bad the company did not have an internal one day course on meteorology and climate.

Ms Williams would have learned just how old the earth is and that climate has been changing since the earth was born.

What chance do young people have today of getting the facts ?

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