Today’s Raptors Baseball Game—-

Toronto Raptors Baseball

Being a baseball fan of long standing ( how about 1954 , listening via American Arm Forces Radio) it was brutal to watch the baseball game today between the Raptors and the Boston Red Sox.

Of course , Boston is a real good team ( last years ‘World Series ‘ Winner) even though they had a bad start to the season; they are getting back in the grove and its showed today. Raptors bats were no match against Boston pitching and Raptors pitching was no match against Red Sox bats. . Just look at some of the stats.:

Runs —Boston 12 vs Toronto 2
Hits —-Boston 16 vs Toronto 3

If you look at the bating averages of players in today’s game Boston’s range from .146 to .314, Toronto’s .091 to .263.

What is most upsetting ( and apparently Toronto area fans agree) is that the Team’s management made a decision to not play their spectacular phenom Vladimir Guerrero Jr today. Apparently this was a scheduled off day . The guy is twenty years old! How many scheduled days off will he get when he is all of 30? Like many Toronto sports teams these days , being smart is not a part of their DNA .

This is the guy all Toronto fans ( and baseball fans generally) have been waiting to see. This is the first big weekend of the baseball season in Toronto, the beginning of spring , and Guerrero was named the American League’s Star Of The Week for last week hitting his first four home runs on the road.

And he doesn’t play!

Like so many things these days the joy is gone as ‘bureaucrats ‘ exaggerate the statistics , and make a human game , mechanical.

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