How Bad Is The Media?

How Bad Is The Media ?

Let me court the ways!

Well, here is a good one.

This morning through an obscure website I caught the headline about a Superior Court Judge in Quebec rejecting a class action law suit brought against the Federal Government by some young people who were alleging they need monetary compensation for pending negative effects they will experience because of climate change.

Two things

One—It was difficult finding the story in the mainstream media. For example National News Watch website , I could not find the story . I finally found two references to it. But lo and behold in searching there were eight references from many media outlets when the matter ‘went’ to court. No doubt if the decision had been positive , we would have been swamped with stories of climatic doom and how good it is to sap the Government for more money for climatic ‘change’ —-exaggeration , I say.

Two . In the two stories that carried the matter the content indicated the Judge was sympathetic but the young people were really too young given they were talking about age 35 and younger thereby including below eighteen for which the action is then invalid .

Only the more obscure website indicated the Judge thew out the suit because it was a theoretical matter as well as the age issue. You cannot base Judgements on guesses of possible happenings.

And the larger point is given how little it was carried who will even will know that a Court ruled against the environmentalists . If the judge ruled in favour of the environmentalists you can be sure the whole world would know because all the main stream media outlets would have been all over it.

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