50 Years Ago I would Not Have Thought —————-

50 Years Ago I Would Not Have Thought

That today in calling a Bank I would Have To Leave A Message

That today after calling a Bank / or other service providers and leaving a message it would be many hours if not a day or two before you get a response and then to be told that you have to call someone else and start the process all over again

That today I would line up for a Coffee

That today getting TV and Internet service would be more complicated and difficult

That today seeing your own doctor could take many days or weeks

That today you could wait for over a year to see a medical specialist

That today the chance of getting a live person when calling for one service or another is remote , and if you do , understanding the person is a challenge

That today being able to talk to a person at a coffee shop is next to impossible since ears are plugged or obsessive smart phone attention is operative

That today few in the service industry can add or subtract anymore

That today when you say hello to someone they are surprised; that’s if they can hear you.

That today opening the door for someone is viewed as weird

That today people know less geography and history

That today cash is no longer King

Some places today, , like Airlines, you cannot pay in cash

That today almost half of Canadians have literacy skills below high school equivalency , yet most have computers and /or smart phones

And today there is more debt and more regulation


We can fly faster in larger machines , grow and build taller , store more information, live longer , travel more, communicate easier etc

But its a lot more impersonal, less efficient in many personal transactions , and a more ‘controlled ‘ society, and hence less individual freedom.

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