Boris New UK PM -Perhaps The Will Of The People Will Be Respected?

Boris New UK PM

Even before he is sworn in Boris Johnson is being reminded by all of all the obstacles he faces; as if he has been asleep this last while and not conducting a successful leadership campaign which saw him get 66% of the votes to be the Conservative Leader and hence Prime Minister. The knives are out by many EU friendly media and the bureaucrats both in London and Brussels.

But at least, it seems to this humble blogger, that Mr. Johnson respects the vote of the majority of his people who voted for leaving the EU. This is often put in the background and words are used that tend to denigrate the will of the people. It’s rather strange really to watch progressives lecture about the self determination for various groups around the world while somehow seeing the UK ‘s democratic vote as something different. Lest we forget , it is the home of the Magna Carter ! Sovereignty seems great for a lot of countries but somehow it is not right for the UK. Of course , we all know this attempt to thwart the will of the UK people is lend by vested interests who stand to lose in the economic or financial sphere if the UK really exits the EU.

I have expressed my view many times that I believe in the nation state as a successful model for the future . Of course trading relationships are critical for world prosperity . But what Western Europe wants is just not a successful trading relationship like they had with the Common Market but a system that enters the political field manifested as a super state run by unelected bureaucrats . Sovereignty then becomes secondary and National Parliaments gradually loose power and jurisdiction.

Geography, history , language , culture have seen nations form . When one tampers with history, language , geography, and culture , demeaning many of these elements into a larger impersonal super structure , things will not turn out well. For example, in the UN today we have undemocratic forces dominating the the Human Rights Commission , completely violating the basic tenets of the UN ‘s reason to exist.

There is is a role for International Agencies but within the context of sovereign nations states —it is managing this ‘dynamic tension’ that the politics of planet will be most successful.

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