The Trudeau Tragic Flaw

The Trudeaus And Their Constitutional Violations

As I said today on the Roy Green Radio show the way the Trudeaus treat the Constitution is something to behold.

They seem to be oblivious to what is really operative as it relates to our guiding document. Of course, they really know; it is just that they think they can ignore what does not fit for them and support what does.

Trudeau Sr violated the Constitution when he thought he could patriate the Constitution unilaterally. Even his buddies on the Supreme Court could not go along with that and ruled his action unconstitutional. They told him in no uncertain terms that the Constitution is both the written and what evolves as custom and practice, known as convention.

Well, not to outdone and in true Trudeau tradition, Trudeau Jr comes along and thinks he can ignore the Constitutional convention regarding his involvement with the legal processes of the Federal Government and try and interfere with decisions of the Prosecution Service and the Attorney General. The Ethics Commissioner in his report concerning these actions found that Trudeau Jr had violated the principles of the Shawcross doctrine that had become the practice/custom —convention in Canadian legal circles .

What is it with the Trudeaus? And more to the point what’s with those Canadians who still support such unconstitutional behaviour?

2 thoughts on “The Trudeau Tragic Flaw

  1. A corrupt nation starts with a corrupt press paid for by the corrupt government, paid for by public taxes. I feel deeply disappointed in how easily Canadians accept corruption.


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