Leader Of Canada’s Conservatives, Andrew Sheer Resigns . Good!

Here is what I said on December 2, 2019.

I was on the National Roy Green Radio show today here in Canada where we discussed the present condition of the leadership of the Federal Conservative Party. This is a burning issue now as a result of the recent election where, notwithstanding the many golden opportunities the Liberal Party presented to an opposition party, the Conservative Party led by Andrew Sheer were unable to capitalize to the degree necessary to topple the Liberals from power. The Liberals were reduced to a minority position but still had the most seats and remain in power . The NDP, Canada’s Socialist party , are likely partners in keeping the Liberals in power at least for the next year or so. Canadians are not used to the many minority situations characteristic of European nations and prefer the more stable majority variety.

Many of us of a right wing bent are very frustrated with the nature of the recent Conservative campaign , both in policy and leadership.Hence, many key people in the Conservative Party especially in central Canada are calling for Mr. Sheer to resign —-now!

My initial reaction , even though my frustration is almost unbearable like many others, was to wait the few months to the scheduled national Convention of the party in April when a leadership vote must be held. Additionally, a review of the what went wrong is underway by a former Minister in the last Conservative Government, Mr. John Baird.

However, Mr.Sheer has just in the last days appointed as his Deputy an MP who is new to the party, having been elected as a Liberal in previous election although reelected as a conservative in the most recent one. But this seems like rather poor judgement given the many loyal qualified conservatives available. Given his tenuous hold on power one would have thought that this was not the time to be risky with appointments. Additionally, his recent statements to hold on , much like his election performance and policy decisions, were unconvincing.

On balance then , it would seem that Mr. Sheer continues to disappoint. He would be well advised to announce now his intention to resign at the April convention facilitating a leadership campaign over the next few months that could assist in rehabilitating a disappointed conservative movement.

2 thoughts on “Leader Of Canada’s Conservatives, Andrew Sheer Resigns . Good!

  1. I was never a supporter of Mr sheer, seeing him as the compromising solution of a compromising group of voters that were terrified of standing on a principle. Their choice has proven to be prophetic … weakness begetting weakness. That Mr Sheer saw fit to quietly use party funds to pay for the education of his children is a testament to his lack of wisdom as well as his willingness to join the elite … the gang that has always condoned slavery, the many who find no fault in using force the fill their dinner plate.


    • I think most people thought that Sheer was an honest one and would never do anything like having the Party pay for private education for his children. . The cynics that I meet regularly and say That they have opted out of reading the news and being concerned about what is going on seem to have a point .


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