Now It Looks Like We Have Two Unethical Political Leaders——-Trudeau Was Not Enough ———?

Now It Looks Like We Have Two Political Unethical Leaders, Trudeau Was Not Enough ———?


Trudeau breaks the Conflict Of Interest Law several times and is blatantly unethical.

Now we learn that resigned Conservative Leader Sheer had the Party pay for his kids to go to Private School in Ottawa.

In listening to the talking heads on CTV and CBC this afternoon none of them addressed this unethical state of our political leadership.

We have an ‘honesty ‘ deficit in this country and its just not among the Party leadership it seems. Its among all those media types who sound off and are described as experts on politics.

Trudeau breaks the Conflict of Interest law five times according to the the independent third party Ethics Commissioner and his conclusions have not been seriously challenged. And yet the Liberal Party won the most seats. Most want to ignore Trudeau ‘s transgressions even though they are law breaking.

Now , we have the Conservative leader. Yes, most leaders get extra assistance for leader expenses , travel , for example. But paying for private schools for children of the leader . That crosses the line , big time.

Unless and until Canada addresses the honesty deficit we will remain mired in untrustworthiness both domestically and internationally.

The Federal Government gets a free pass on breaking its NATO commitments . It deals with China out of both sides of its mouth. Talks climate change out of both sides of its mouth. Buys a proposed pipeline for fossil fuels and passes laws that makes it difficult to approve such future pipelines. Bans tankers on one coast and allows them on other coasts. Talks universal heath care while over 5 million have no family doctor and record wait times compared to other comparable countries. And talks fiscal responsibility as annual billion dollar deficits become like normal behaviour.

And the Federal Parties support public education and the Conservative Leader has the Party pay for his children to a private school. And few knew.

The nation is mired in hypocrisy and double speak and it looks like too many are not overly concerned .

2 thoughts on “Now It Looks Like We Have Two Unethical Political Leaders——-Trudeau Was Not Enough ———?

  1. Mr. Peckford it is common to be able to speak from each side of the mouth, because that is typical now-a day being the political bunch watch what the POTUS does, it’s called two-face! How many other MP’s have children in Ottawa private schools and the party pays for it?? Surely other would join in knowing what is taking place! What bloody mess in politics not only in Canada but world wide! Best regards.


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