To All Those Who Had Boris in the Dust Bin Of History ——

To All Those Who Had Boris in the Dust Bin Of History ——

I remember reading just a few short years ago about the now Prime Minister , newly re-elected and with a majority, Boris Johnson. How he was put down , maligned and who knows what else.

And here he is sitting atop the mountain of British politics , not just by a party caucus but by the people of the country . Its funny after such events that the numbers are often hidden or given secondary importance in commentary on such an achievement. Well, its Boris 365 and Corbyn 203. Quite the trouncing , 43% of the vote versus 32%. The Labor Party takes one of its worst defeats , the worse since 1935 says the Daily Telegraph. Yet, for aN Anti Semitic to even receive this much support is worrisome.

Of course, the EU awaits and some tough negotiating ahead. But now we have a Parliament that cannot subvert the will of the people . And that in itself is significant.

Then there is the impossible Scots , whose own nationalist tendencies seem to far outweigh any UK allegiance. I remember being in Scotland several years ago and listening to the local political discourse. It seemed a little divorced from reality when one considers the support the Scots receive from the rest of the country symbolized by the exorbitant cost of the Scottish Parliament , over 400 million pounds. But not a surprise to a Canadian familiar , as we are , with the Quebec experience. Nevertheless , the Scotland issue will continue to fester .

And while I would have preferred a cleaner break with a fractured , uninspiring Europe , at least there seems a way forward now that will bring a greater degree of stability to the country.

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