Regulation Is Causing A Mess

From The Institute Of Economic Research

By Jeffery Tucker

The more Donald Trump does these extemporaneous speeches at rallies, the better he gets at perfecting their sheer entertainment value. He has a comedic sense of timing. He connects with people like a great entertainer. He speaks to regular problems that people confront in their lives, the way the show Seinfeld did. You could say his is a presidency about nothing but it surely is a great show.

His latest bit – and it gets funnier each time – concerns how government regulations have wrecked our home appliances and bathroom experiences. This is a serious matter that fundamentally threatens the quality of our lives and health.

The toilets don’t flush. There is precious little water coming out of faucets. The dishwasher doesn’t clean dishes. The clothes washers use as little water as possible so clothing comes out dirty. Our showers are unsatisfying because the flow is artificially restricted.

We could go on to mention two other terrible things. The water pressure in our homes is awful so that pipes get full of lime and muck and you have to call the plumber. The hot water heater only warms the water to a temperature that delights bacteria and fungi. Blech! And we keep having to replace things because warm, slow-moving bits of water break down rather than clean the operations of our drains and toilet tanks.

Many households have to work to fight back the stink. Whole cities have dealt with sewer problems because not enough water flows through to keep the place clean.

It’s a huge mess!

The nation that perfected indoor plumbing and emancipated women from household toil has forced a reversion to a time when we had to hand wash everything, keep basins for washing hands, and slog to the outhouse. This is not hyperbole: the pro-misery crowd has turned against all flushing in favor of the composting toilet.

We thought these bad old days of dirt, filth, and disease were gone forever. Now they are coming back, gradually, regulation by regulation.

Trump is exactly right that this all traces to preposterous government regulations designed to save water that actually end up using more, and not dealing with the real problem which has nothing to do with domestic water use.

There is a reason his stand-up routine on this connects with people. We all know it’s true. He is the first big-time U.S. public figure that has mentioned any of this in public.

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