Why Canadians Are Reluctant About Taking A Wuhan Vaccine ?

Abacus Research says 28% of Canadians reluctant to take the vaccine and 8% will never take it. 

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. 


  1. A couple of weeks to bend the curve 
  2. Buying medical equipment from China 
  3. Getting in bed with China on a vaccine
  4. Discriminating against religions vs Costco and Walmart and Liquor stores and Cannabis stores , hardware stores etc
  5. Thirteen months later and Governments here in Canada are still confused
  6. Planes coming and going at airports and one is encouraged , almost embarrassed into leaving one’s community ,  stay home is the mantra. 
  7. Promised hundreds  of millions of vaccine doses ——impression getting them immediately ——still not even 25% vaccinated . 
  8. Vaccines are experimental 
  9. Vaccine companies not liable for any problems with them 
  10. Mask are not necessary 
  11. Mask are necessary 
  12. Social distance six feet —
  13. Social distance now 3 ft for children 
  14. Surfaces big concern for catching virus
  15. Surfaces not a big concern —no record of anyone getting virus from surface. 
  16. A blatant disregard for peoples’ rights and freedoms’ as defined in our Constitution. 
  17. A BC Court rules against religions without any science , just believes unscientific Government statements 
  18. Government press information confusing —re borders , cases vs sick. 
  19. Government information incomplete —total beds —Total ICU ‘s. 
  20. Governments treating cases as if they were sick people in hospital —when only 5% of cases end up in hospital 
  21. Governments deliberate disregard on the negative effects of lockdowns as detailed by thousands of professional and experts who signed the Great Barrington Declaration. 
  22. How come more cases after mask mandates around the world ? UK, Spain , Belgium , California , Austria, France , Hawaii, North Dakota  etc—-
  23. How come fatality rate in Sweden with minimum lock down is equal or less than other parts of Europe where maximum lockdowns prevailed? 
  24. How come Florida has less fatalities with almost no lockdown than California with severe lockdowns? 

25 . PCR tests  questionable —cycles too high —false positives abound. 

26. How are deaths counted  —with Wuhan virus , from Wuhan virus? 

27. What happened to the flu? 

28. Continued association with WHO which has proven to be a Chinese leaning Organization —-

29. Where did the virus originate —-our friendly Chinese won’t tell us but we will meekly keep asking.

30. The billions spent ??Governments love printing money. 

Oh, planes landing today from Seoul -Incheon, Seattle. Sean Francisco, Los Angeles at Vancouver Airport. 

Going to Delhi —one leaves in 45 minutes from Vancouver. Better hurry, it’s  on time. 

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