Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha!Ha——Racism.

President Biden is vaccinated ,

President Biden is still wearing a mask .

Why did President Biden get vaccinated ? 

He says—————Ah, Ah, Ah ————well—you know——-

It’s racism , that’s what it is ——

Virginia wants to change the Math curriculum ———

Its racist ——three plus one equals four is a white man’s formulation 

Biden and Virginia —-

Masking the numbers?????


8 thoughts on “Ha!Ha!Ha! Ha!Ha——Racism.

  1. I’m missing the joke, so please explain. But why wear a mask at times if your vaccinated, like Biden?
    Well Pfizer, which seems the best is 95 % at protection, after 2 doses, the second timed 21 days after the first, so achieves immunity 95 people out of a hundred on average. Much like the N95 mask protects 95 % if properly fitted. For old Joe, it is probably more like 85 % protection, given his age.
    So, if in a large close crowd, even outdoors, a fully vaccinated person is still at risk………….until the overall rate of infection is much lower still, to permit no need for masks.
    That’s how I see it.
    Call me dumb for not getting whatever you imply……and explain what you see as funny, so I might laugh too.
    Winston Adams


  2. I saw Joe XiBiden on the tube last night. Pitiful. I had the first dose of the Pfiser on 28 March. I’m now eligible for the second dose but because Trudeau phucked up by not securing a sufficient supply, WTF knows when I’ll get a second shot.

    But oh-oh-oh-oh, what’s that Trudeau is saying? “If one has had the first dose dose, he/she is protected for up to six months?”

    I call BS on this! Trudeau doesn’t have any evidence to support this claim. The truth is that it’s a bold-faced lie to cover up the fact that there aren’t any second doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the supply chain.

    Getting back to Joe XiBiden, he said that if one is fully vaccinated, it’s okay to go maskless outside but ONLY in the company of others who have been fully vaccinated. SO, no going bare-face on a downtown street because others may not be fully vaccinated. C’mon, man! So, what XiBiden is saying that unless you’re in your backyard with other 100% vaccinated people, KEEP ‘UR MASK ON! Encroyable!


    • Protected for 6 months……….well yes, I’ve worked out the figure, and it is about 34 % protection based on projections, vs 95 % if done after for 21 days for Pfizer. About 60% if after 16 weeks ! None of that is good, but use use a rational it is best when short on vaccine.
      How do you like that protection vs what the USA gets by sticking to science, drug trial data, instead of this big Canadian gamble. However the AZ Oxford is better at 12 weeks than 6 weeks.
      Winston Adams

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    • The only interval tested that is valid was the interval tested by the companies . Going outside of this as Canada is doing is violated the protocol —and no one knows the effectiveness at 16 weeks etc.


  3. I forgot: yes, it seems that those 1-to-9 Times Tables we had taped to the top right-hand corner of our desks in Grade 4 are now racist as well Shakes head.


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